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Saturday 26th March 2016, 17:00

Manor enjoyed a successful debut into FIA WEC LMP2 at The Prologue.

Manor enjoyed a successful debut into WEC LMP2 at the Prologue with their ORECA 05, completing 156 laps on its first day of running and 86 laps on the second day. This gave a total of a total of 1401.422kms.

Will Stevens took to the wheel first on day one with Tor Graves, Matt Rao and James Jakes all driving over the two days. Our main target was to gather data and gain mileage to enable our preparation for the season.

John Booth, Team Principal

“It was great to see the car run for the first time yesterday and I am really happy with the mileage that we have achieved. We are now starting to really understand the car which should put us in good shape for Silverstone.

“This is the first time that this team have all worked together and they have done a great job.”

Tor Graves, Driver

“It has been a good start, everything seems to be working fine and the car is running well. We stuck to the programme and didn’t chase lap times. I am really happy with the progress we have made so far.”

James Jakes, Driver

“We have had a positive couple of days considering that we came here with a brand new car. We have managed to cover a lot of miles and completed most of our test plan. We now switch our focus to Silverstone which I am very excited about with it being my home race.”

Matt Rao, Driver

“It has been good to achieve the mileage that we have, it shows the car is reliable and that the team is working well. I feel that we have made good progress both personally and for the team. I am looking forward to Silverstone and the potential that is still to come.”

Will Stevens, Driver

“It has been really nice to get to grips with an LMP2 car over the last few days. We have focused mainly on gathering data but we had an opportunity at the end to push a little more and I am very happy with where we have got to in such a short space of time. I am now looking forward to my home race at Silverstone.”



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